Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Below is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ). If you have questions about your upcoming shoot, please download our “Preparing for Your Shoot” PDF:

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If you can’t find an answer to your question below, feel free to contact us.

We’re based in Washington, DC with our main studio in Alexandria, Virginia. We also shoot several times per year in New York, Miami and Phoenix. We are available for travel to anywhere in the world. We also can shoot at your home, hotel or Airbnb location though the studio gives us the most control over lighting, especially for fine art work. We also love to shoot outdoors and on location!

Every shoot is different, customized to our clients’ preferences. It’s always best if you can provide as much detail as possible about what you’re looking for in your photo shoot, which allows us to provide you with the most accurate quote for our services. We offer a number of packages starting at $349.  Costs vary depending upon the length of the shoot, its complexity, location, the number of outfit changes and lighting/set changes, and the number of shots taken, proofs provided for review and finely-edited high-resolution images delivered. For most boudoir/fine art photo shoots we recommend a minimum of a 1.5-hour photo shoot.

We work with top makeup artists in the area with costs typically ranging from $125 – $175. Finally, we provide photo books, framed prints and other printed products at reasonable prices. We provide a discount for active military personnel and/or their significant others.

Please contact us for a no-obligation quote and price sheet.

It’s our top priority. By its nature, boudoir photography is deeply personal and intimate. A common question we receive from clients concerns the privacy and security of their photos. We take precautions to ensure the privacy and security of our clients’ images. First, we store all imagery securely on encrypted media using state-of-the-art encryption methods. Second, our contract with you states that we will never share or display any of your photos unless you have given us written permission to do so. Bottom line: We take this issue very seriously and take strong measures to protect your privacy. Read our Privacy Pledge.

We’d be delighted to. We work with a top lab in New York. We’ve dedicated an entire page to making a beautiful book from your photos. We also offer other printed products, such as calendars and individual prints.

Sure thing. It’s easy and we’ve created a special page to give you step-by-step directions.

For information about preparing for your shoot, please download our “Preparing for Your Shoot” PDF:

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We believe that it is important that you absolutely love what you’re wearing – that really comes across in the photography. And, of course, the fit should be perfect. For that reason we ask that our clients bring their own wardrobe. In our guides we recommend local lingerie stores where you can find high-quality items and attentive staff to help you find the best wardrobe for your shoot.

We do have a number of props, both in terms of furniture and set decorations as well as items for the model to hold, etc. Just ask us and we’ll let you know.

Don’t worry — the vast majority of our clients have never modeled before. We’ll coach you through and we’re confident you’ll find the shoot a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

We recommend bringing the following to your shoot:

  • Wardrobe changes
  • A robe (for between-shot setups)
  • Makeup and styling materials
  • Moisturizer

If you are a client and have specific ideas about the type of photographs you want and have not submitted examples in advance of your shoot, bring a few examples of the types of shots and poses you’re interested in.

It’s best to keep your wardrobe and jewelry simple as they can serve as they can get in the way and/or be a distraction.

For more information, please download our “Preparing for Your Shoot

Here are a few ideas to help you look your best:

    • It’s obvious, but make sure you’re well-groomed the day of the shoot, especially your hair. We recommend you stick with your normal routine and don’t experiment with anything new before your shoot.
    • Get plenty of sleep the night before.
    • Avoid the sun if you can as tan lines are problematic.
    • Wear loose-fitting clothing before the shoot to avoid lines on your skin from elastic, etc.
    • Use a non-oil moisturizer before your shoot. Bring some with you.
    • Practice a few poses; peruse magazines for ideas.

For more information, please download our “Preparing for Your Shoot” PDF:

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Your choice of wardrobe depends upon you and the type of shoot you are posing for.

Some basics that are versatile and reliable for high-quality photos include:

    • Plain white tank top and white panties
    • Matching lacy bra and panty set
    • Well-fitting jeans
    • High boots, classic stilettos or sandals with straps/laces
    • Fishnet stockings, negligees, sheer nighties
    • Plain boy shorts matched with a baby-tee
    • Swimwear
    • Simple dresses, including a “little black dress”
    • Sensual fabric to drape a nude body

Costume ideas depend upon your personal preferences, but can include a range of outfits, from naughty school girl to nerd girl/librarian to biker babe.

For more information, please download our “Preparing for Your Shoot” PDF:

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There are a number of ways to make you look your svelt best. The approach we prefer is to use flattering poses, camera angles, lighting and wardrobe during the shoot itself. We encourage our clients to be sure they’re standing tall and stretching when posing. High heels will help accentuate your height which provides a slimming effect. We can also edit your photos using photoshop to create a slimming effect, but this can be a time-consuming process (that we have to charge extra for) and it’s not always possible to get ideal results on every photo.

If you prefer to work with a female photographer, we completely understand and respect your preference. Our lead photographer (and founder of Appeal Photography, David) is male. That being said, we do encourage you to read our reviews and you’ll find that our clients are very comfortable working with David, finding the overall experience positive and fun. David is available to meet with you at the studio before you make a decision, which has been helpful for a number of our clients. One option that has brought comfort to our clients is to have one of our female assistants present during the shoot. Just let us know. We are in the process of training a female photographer and hope to eventually add her to our ranks. Meanwhile, we feel it’s important that you are comfortable during the shoot and fully understand if you need to look elsewhere.

Absolutely. While the majority of our clients are women, we also shoot men, either individually or as part of couples boudoir shoots.

Absolutely! You can save some money and have your best friend cheering you on by sharing a shoot. We recommend a Premium (2-hour) shoot or above to be sure each of you get enough camera time. If you have a small group of friends that want to share a shoot, we’re delighted to host your “shoot party!” Contact us for special rates.

A female friend is OK, but we recommend against having anyone else present as it can be distracting and make you self-conscious. We strongly discourage boyfriends/husbands from being present during the shoot for this reason.

We shoot couples regularly. We’re very open-minded and our work has included bondage and other fetish photography as well as contemporary erotic photography, which is more sexually-oriented, revealing and/or explicit. Please feel free to ask — we’re happy consider your request and are never judgmental.

Why not model for us? Check out our Aspring Model Program!

Your modeling portfolio is what sells you to potential modeling agencies and/or clients. The key is to set your standards very high and carefully select your images.It is better to have fewer high-quality “wow” images than dozens of mediocre images. It’s critical to find the right photographer and develop a set of the best images possible.

Once you have your photos, they serve as your portfolio in several ways:

    • As part of a modeling book, a hard copy, physical book that is shown to prospective clients/agencies
      • As part of a comp card (sometimes called a composite card, z card, zed card or sed card). A comp card is essentially an oversized business card with several of your best photos from your portfolio. It is a popular marketing tool for models and actors alike.
    • Online as part of your profile on modeling websites such as and as part of your own web site. We strongly recommend that all models have their own domain and web site and not rely exclusively on third-party modeling sites. In addition to a more professional appearance, your own web site provides you with a broader marketing reach, more control over your content and makes you less vulnerable to the whims of third-party sites which change over time. (We can help design, set up and maintain your modeling web site. Contact us for more information.)