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Aspiring Model Program 2017

How to Start to Be a Model

How to Be a Model?

How to be a model? If you’re wondering how to start to be a model, our Aspiring Models program — provided at no cost to our participants — may be the best way to get started. Each year Appeal Photography chooses a handful of aspiring models to work with who have thought about modeling but have little or no experience.

Can anyone be a model? If you have the passion and are committed, we have found that — like our clients — those with no modeling experience can become a successful model by being in front of the camera and learning the process. This is an essential yet often overlooked part of the process of being selected by the best model agencies and modeling clients (including modeling agencies in DC).

Petite Modelling

There are many misconceptions about modeling. One we hear frequently is “am I too short to be a model?” In fact, some of our most successful models have found great success in petite modelling. You may need to be tall to walk the runway during Fashion Week, but we have trained fashion, lingerie and swimsuit models 5 feet and under who have gone on to successful careers, working with some of the best model agencies.

How to Be a ModelOne of the most important things, of course, in learning how to be a model is the modeling process itself. Our goal is to explore your modeling potential and help you discover your strengths through photographing you in a range of different genres. You may find modeling strengths you never realized you had! We help aspiring models develop their portfolio, website and online profiles, key elements of a successful modeling career. We also display their photos on our web site to help them get additional exposure.

How to Become a Model

Visit our Aspiring Models Search page to see if we are currently accepting applications. We receive hundreds of applications and we are only able to select a few. There is never a charge for our Aspiring Models program. We are pleased to present our past and current Aspiring Models below!