Boudoir Photography: 5 MythsBecause of its personal nature and the fact that, until recently, boudoir photography has been far from the mainstream, there’s a great deal of curiosity about this genre of photography and not a great deal of quality information available. Consequently, myths abound and, sadly, that has kept many from taking that first step toward a boudoir photo shoot. In what we expect will be an ongoing series, we present five myths about boudoir photography and our perspectives on what’s fact and what’s fiction:

Myth #1: Boudoir is objectification: Boudoir photography is something vastly different from what you might stumble into in the dark corners of the web. When done right, boudoir photography is an art form that highlights the beauty of the female form and beautifully captures the essence of being a woman. Boudoir photography is an empowering celebration of your beauty and an exceptional way to explore and share your sensuality. Ultimately, successful boudoir photography embraces the real you and is far from objectifying – it is empowering and beautiful. (Don’t take our word for it…see what our clients say.)


One of our local models, Karlie, stands 5 feet tall, but using an upward camera angle, side lighting and a pair of stilettos, her height is enhanced in this fine art nude pic.

Myth #2: I’m too short for a boudoir photo shoot: This is a pervasive myth that has held many back from a photo session. While it’s true that runway fashion modeling favors tall, lean models, boudoir photography – and many other genres of modeling and photography – adores short subjects along with mid-height and tall subjects. Using lighting, posing, camera angles and wardrobe, such as heels, we can help enhance your height from the camera’s perspective. Of course, for reclining and seated poses, height is much less noticeable. We work with many petite clients with wonderful results. In fact, one of our clients became a professional model after her first shoot with us, never realizing that there is plenty of opportunity out there for petite models!

Myth #3: I’m too heavy for a boudoir photo shoot: What makes boudoir photography so special is that is about appreciating yourself, curves and all, and working to highlight your best features. We work with many plus-sized clients and we work with each of them in a number of ways to help them look their svelt best. We use flattering poses, camera angles, lighting and wardrobe during the shoot itself. We encourage our clients to be sure they’re standing tall and stretching when posing. High heels will help accentuate your height which provides a slimming effect. While it’s possible to use Photoshop to create a slimming effect, it’s ultimately the last choice and runs the risk of creating an image that isn’t true to the real you. Finally, a number of our clients reward themselves with a boudoir photo shoot once they reach their weight-loss goal. What a great way to celebrate!


One of our clients, June, during her very first professional boudoir photo shoot.

Myth #4: I’ve never modeled and am too inexperienced and nervous to do a boudoir photo shoot: Boudoir photography, by its very nature, is for everyone, not just professional models. The vast majority of our clients have never modeled before and virtually none of our clients have modeled for a boudoir photo shoot before. Unlike other types of modeling, boudoir photography doesn’t require elaborate poses or Cirque du Soleil gymnastics. The best boudoir photography captures you in poses that are natural for you, and it’s our job to coach you to help you find those poses that fit you best. It’s perfectly natural to be a bit apprehensive at first, but invariably after the first few minutes our clients find their rhythm, comfort and exhilaration. Oh, and our rule is that the model gets to pick the music, so bring your playlist!

Myth #5: Boudoir photography is about women lounging around in lingerie: Yes, there is lingerie and there is lounging, but boudoir photography is much more than that. As it has grown in popularity, boudoir photography has started to become a generic term that can mean different things to different people. For many, boudoir photography brings to mind women in a bedroom setting wearing lingerie, what we refer to as “Traditional Boudoir Photography.” In fact, however, the key to boudoir photography is in its unique reflection of your own distinctiveness. For some of our clients, it means Glamour/Pin-Up Photography to release their inner pin-up girl. For others, it’s exploring the artistry of Fine Art Nude Photography or the sensuality of Contemporary Erotica Photography. We encourage our clients to submit “inspiration shots” in advance of their shoot, drawing from our portfolio, Pinterest and other sources, to give us an idea of what they’re seeking in their shoot. During the shoot itself, we work together as creative partners, building on the inspiration shots, but not bound by them, ultimately finding what truly expresses who they are, bringing out their best qualities. The art of boudoir helps women explore a different side of themselves, to feel beautiful, glamorous and confident.