After your shoot you’ll be able to review your proofs and begin the process of selecting your favorite images for fine editing. Proofs are watermarked and delivered at a low resolution. Your final, edited images are delivered at full resolution with no watermarks.


We make your proofs available in an online gallery for a limited time  after which they are deleted. We use strong, state-of-the-art encryption to protect our clients’ photos. Your final images are delivered securely via our Dropbox account. In both cases your images are accessed by an access link and strong password unique to you.

Accessing Your Photos

Once your proofs are available for review, you’ll receive an email from us including a link — unique to you — where you can access your online images on our server and your password. After you make your selections of images you’d like edited, we delete your online gallery. We maintain archival copies on password-protected encrypted media offline.

Accessing Your Photos

A proof image of Vivien Louir, a model in our Aspiring Models Program. Proof images are of lower resolution and watermarked. Your final images will be full resolution with no watermarks.