Cosplay Photography | Fantasy Photography | Special Effects Photography

Wearing creative role-playing costumes and using a variety of special effects, including green screen and post-production techniques, we offer our clients the ability to transport themselves to faraway places, a different time and transform themselves into characters of their choice! Cosplay is very popular and featured at events such as the major COMICON events. We have conducted noir photo shoots, photo shoots featuring characters such as the Catwoman or Jessica Jones, mermaids, Japanese Anime Photography, Middle Eastern genres, and other cosplay characters, often using creative and unusual lighting and sets. We also offer “Cinemagraphs” (also known as “Living Pictures”) where part of the photo is in motion (see examples below). Also of note is a blend of Cosplay Photography with Boudoir Photography, creating a sexier version of Cosplay photography. Our Aspiring Model, Bri offers several examples of this beautiful hybrid of “Sexy Cosplay photography” in our portfolio below. Fantasy and cosplay photo shoots are great fun. Such shoots usually require additional setup and post-production to create the magic of the final product.