Boudoir Photography Meets Hollywood Magic

We shot model Lyn Carter in front of the green screen at our studio. Now her beautiful smile can grace Paris, France, Cadillac Ranch or perhaps the planet Mercury.

When asked about wardrobe, jewelry, makeup and set dressing, we often remind our boudoir clients that the shoot is about them, and work to find the right balance so that they are clearly the center of attention. That being said, incorporating elements that personalize your shoot or provide an extra bit of drama can take a shot to a new level.

Green Screen/Chroma Key: We’ve had lots of fun over the past months transforming our clients into superheroes lurking the rooftops of Gotham City, or recreating favorite shots in exotic locations for their significant others, and all without leaving our Capitol Hill studio. Thanks to a bit of Hollywood magic, Chroma key compositing or chroma keying — commonly used in motion picture special effects — is available for your photo shoot. First, we’ll shoot you against a green backdrop. Then, using special software, we’ll remove the green background, allowing us to have you posing in Paris, France or in Amarillo, Texas at Cadillac Ranch.  Ask us about our green screen/chroma key services for your next shoot!

Cinemagraphs: Remember those books in the Harry Potter movies where the images came alive? The real-world equivalents are known as “cinemagraphs”. While usually available as GIF files, they differ from typical GIFs in that only a minor portion of the image moves in a repeated movement. To make a cinemagraph we take a short video clip of you, select a single frame to use as the still image, and use specialized software to animate part of the frame. The result can be captivating and hypnotic, like the example below of our Aspiring Model, Felicia whose hair is in motion while the rest of the image is still.

Boudoir Photography Meets Hollywood Magic

A cinemagraph of Felica, one of our Aspiring Models. A cinemagraph is a still image where one or more minor elements are in motion.

In our work, no two shoots are ever identical. By its nature, boudoir photography is deeply personal. That means we work closely with our clients to create a customized shoot that captures what makes them unique. We love the creativity in our work and see tools like chroma key and cinemagraphs as an extension of this. So whether you see yourself lurking in the shadows of Gotham or fancy yourself posing somewhere along Route 66, let’s get creative for your next shoot. You’re only limited by your imagination!


Additional Photo Credits: We thank the following artists for the use of their work under the Creative Commons license in the background imagery presented above with the image of model Lyn Carter: Roberto Cacho Toca (Torre Eiffel); fPat Murray (Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Texas); Michael D Beckwith (Blackpool Tower Ballroom); JB Kilpatrick (Christmas Card Background); QThomas Bower
(Floral Auras); Nicolas Raymond (Cosmic Rose)