Comp Card Printing For Modeling Success

If you are a model or an actor, you know how important comp cards are in your career. Comp cards or composite cards are a significant marketing tool of actors and models because these are representations of themselves. In essence, these comp cards showcase their portfolio of images and primary personal information. Also, these cards stand as the models’ business card. There are around five pictures in a model’s comp card. The basic stats of the model, such as height and weight, also go with these. Both panels of the comp card are usually printed and its height does not go beyond ten inches, and the width, seven inches.

Truly, there are countless models all over the world who have gone into comp card printing. Comp cards are considered effective and cost-efficient marketing weapons because they are not even that expensive to produce. Moreover, through them, models are able to introduce themselves to prospective clients in a creative and professional manner. Are you aware that there are actually three types of people who believe in the value of comp cards? As you read this article, know why comp card printing is a must for every model or actor to be a hit in their profession.

You may already have realized that comp cards are printed by models to promote themselves to people who could give them work. These people are basically called agents. When there is an open call, the agent has to meet the models. During this meeting, the models present their portfolio to the agent and get interviewed. Open calls are very quick meetings; thus models essentially lack the time to flaunt and market themselves. However, models can always leave their comp cards to the agent after the interview. When the open call is over, agents take the time to talk and discuss about the results of the event. This is when comp cards become very important. The moment the agents have to pick the models they like, the comp cards will guide them in their decision. Therefore, if you seriously want to land the job, make sure you produce remarkable and professional-looking comp cards.

So now, the agent has your comp card. Once the agent has chosen the best models, he/she is now duty-bound to start marketing these models. Have you noticed how modeling agencies put on view the comp cards of their models in their workplace? Typically, these comp cards are displayed on the walls. The main intention of this is to present the models of the agency to any prospective client who comes into the office. Moreover, it helps the agency to market their models quicker. This, however, is not the key strategy of agents to promote their models. Although this may be effective, there is another noteworthy way of advertising. Essentially, agents send out these comp cards to another important crowd. This group includes photographers, movie producers and people in the magazine industry. This third group of people significantly need these comp cards as well.

Finally, the third type of people who consider comp card printing a crucial endeavor are the real clients. The moment they get these comp cards, they could freely choose the models they desire. It is therefore very significant that agents impressively promote the models they handle. This would have a say on who the client chooses in the end. When the client has made a choice, he/she will now have to meet the models face to face. If models were able to exceptionally present themselves through comp card printing, clients would definitely be very enthusiastic to meet them in person. Meanwhile, on the part of the client, it is equally important that they store a listing of all the comp cards sent their way. In the future, when they have a need for a certain type or class of model, all they need to do is refer to this listing. Here you will realize the sheer importance of printing distinct and attention-grabbing comp cards.

Truly, comp cards are a noteworthy advertising material for all those models and actors out there who aim to succeed in their profession. If you are one of these models or actors, what’s keeping you from starting your comp card printing now?

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Janice Jenkins is a writer for a marketing company in Chicago, IL. Mostly into marketing research, Janice started writing articles early 2007 to impart her knowledge to individuals new to the marketing industry.

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